It sounds like the set-up for a joke:  four men gather in a bar in rural Ireland to drink away their solitude – and then a woman walks in.  Except this is the start of Conor McPherson’s breakthrough hit ‘The Weir’ and although there are plenty of laughs and stories along the way, when the punchline comes it goes straight to the heart.

In this haunting drama, McPherson shows an intuitive understanding of wasted lives; how in Ireland the past is eternally present and how the supernatural reflects your own anxieties and fears.  A subtly fascinating and powerful play about ‘the quiet desperation of the unfulfilled’.

The cast

Director Marylyn Ford
Jim, ‘the Jimmyfella’ Michael Arnell
Jack, ‘a cantankerous auld fecker’ Colin Ford
Brendan, the young bar owner Robbie Gwinnett
Finbar, a man of substance David Vince
Valerie, newly arrived from Dublin Ginnie Orrey