For those unfamiliar with the TV series, when their elderly vicar passes away, congregation members in Dibley are surprised to find that a woman has been assigned to their parish.  And not just any woman – Geraldine Granger is outgoing, vivacious and fun-loving, as well as caring and committed to her flock.   However, her ebullient ways do not initially endear her to the head of the Parish Council, an old-fashioned gentleman farmer who’s not a fan of change.

Hilarity ensues as Geraldine tries to win over the stodgy council members while staying true to herself and her pastorate.


DirectorDan Burns
Assistant DirectorAbbi Leverton
GeraldineHebe Gregory
AliceCarol Simpson
HugoMatt Osborne
DavidSteve Reading
FrankDavid Carr
OwenSi Lynch
JimMike Groves
LetitiaHelen Clinton-Pacey

Production photos