Who’s Who

The Apollo Theatre is run and staffed entirely by volunteers, as it has been throughout its 45-year history (though of course we ‘buy in’ professional assistance where necessary – for example, auditors and specialist builders).  The theatre itself is owned by a Charitable Trust, which is funded through income from the Apollo Players.

Every year, at the AGM in November, an Arts Manager is elected with the remit to put together a season for the following year (September-August).  Once the Arts Manager has been elected, directors for that season’s plays are selected and the season is approved by the Committee. Only members may take part in the Players’ productions.



The Players management team consists of:

Theatre Director & Chair of management committee

(elected three-yearly)

Amy Burns (2019-22)
Arts Manager (elected annually in November for season beginning the following September)Di Evans (2019-20 and 2020-21)
Business Manager (elected biannually)Ginnie Orrey (2018-20)
Marketing & Publicity (elected biannually)Maureen Sullivan (2018-20)
Players’ Secretary (elected biannually)Michael Whitehead (2018-20)
Membership Secretary (elected biannually)Carole Crow (2019-21)
House Manager (elected biannually)Steve Reading (2019-21)
Technical Manager (elected biannually)Dan Burns (2019-21)
Members’ Representatives (elected annually)Kate Fysh (2019-20)

Nigel Coley (2019-20)