The collection

The Apollo Theatre wardrobe department is the biggest and most comprehensive of any amateur company on the Island.

Over the years the collection has regularly outgrown the storage space; it used to be housed in the small room behind the Circle but now fills the entire attic space, which is rigged out with rails supported on steel cables attached to the massive roof beams.

We now hold more than 1,000 costumes representing most historical periods and dramatic styles.  Most have been skilfully created by the costume team, as well as some bought or donated during the theatre’s 40-year history.  Add to that an array of accessories – from wigs, hats, boots, shoes, handbags, jewellery, through to military Sam Brownes and puttees – all of which the costume team ‘pick’ from to dress the seven or more diverse shows staged each year by the Apollo.  To get an idea of the time and effort involved in getting a show dressed, here’s a report from the Wardrobe Manager on the trials and tribulations of costuming ‘Gypsy’ (2011-12 season).



Forum fitting

Carol peers shyly out of the hanging rails