It is 1987.  An unpopular leader is re-elected while the country is still reeling from the effects of recession and lives in fear of terrorist attacks.  But for the inhabitants of a street in a deprived, working class area of Lancashire, there’s a party to go to.

The vagrant Scullery is your tour guide, introducing you to an array of characters all trying to find some kind of escape from their squalid and desperate existence.  Jim Cartwright’s first play is an explicit and arresting mix of humour and pathos, transporting the audience with energy, passion and poetry, leaving you uplifted and reminded of the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.  ‘Road’ is a powerful ensemble performance from the Apollo Players.

The play was voted the 36th best play of the 20th century in a poll by the Royal National Theatre.

Production photos

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Directed byDan and Amy Burns
Assistant DirectorFreda Wheeler 
Jono Bate

Maggie Cardew

Danny Carmichael

Suzie Chilton

Helen Clinton-Pacey

Chloe Cooper

Lyn Forster

David Pratchett

Amanda Robertson

Helen Reading

Steve Reading

Dave Talbot

Kevin Wilson