As well as being a successful playwright, the author of this comedy, Benn Levy, was a post-war Labour MP for 5 years from 1945.  He was educated at Repton School and University College, Oxford and served in uniform in both World Wars.  As an MP, he made an unsuccessful effort to abolish theatrical censorship in Britain, but it is for his plays that he is more often remembered.  He wrote 16 works between 1925 and 1957 of which The Rape of the Belt was the last.

This gentle comedy is based (somewhat loosely) on a tale from Greek mythology.  Heracles and Theseus, two celebrated heroes, arrive at the Amazons’ capital expecting to battle with the warrior women for possession of their ‘Crown Jewels’, a belt belonging to their Queen.  Zeus, the ‘Top God’ and Hera, his wife, add their comments and opinion to the happenings and (if they do not approve) change the course of fate: Zeus in favour of the heroes and Hera (a founder of Women’s Lib) in favour of the Amazons, with amusing conclusions.

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DirectorDi Evans
Assistant DirectorCynara Crump
HeraRose Kelsey
ZeusJohn Sole
HippobomeneJulie Read
HeraclesPaul Stevens
TheseusDrew Adcock
AntiopeMarina Ignarski
HippolyteDawn De Vries
ThalestrisRosie Baker
DiastaChrissie Blow