The conflict between desiccated order and Dionysiac passion lies at the heart of all Peter Shaffer’s mature plays, not least in this 1962 double bill.

The first of the two plays deals with a disastrous date: the shy, introverted Bob meets Doreen at a classical concert, invites her for dinner at his flat and gets his cocksure office chum, Ted, to come and do the cooking.   Chaos ensues.   In the second play, a suspicious accountant has set a private eye to follow his young wife only to discover that the real problem is not sexual: it is that he himself is ‘dead inside’ while his wife craves a life filled with fantasy and adventure.   More chaos ensues.

Clever, interesting, funny and bittersweet – classic Shaffer country.

Cast list

DirectorMaggie Cardew
Ted/CharlesMartin Ward
Doreen/BelindaAmy Burns
Bob/JulianMark Duffus