Widow, poet and cat-lover Fran Lamb, a writer for local newspaper the ‘Winkham Weekly Snooze’, decides to start up a creative group.  She is joined at the Winkham Memorial Institute by panicked P.E. teacher Penny, shy librarian Janet, and Annie, a housewife whose mysterious anxiety causes her to replace correct words with entirely the wrong ones.

From this unpromising beginning, the four women soon form plans to write and perform a play about Boadicea, ancient East Anglian Queen and feminist icon; “Boadicea, Britannia, it’s all the same thing, British womanhood in full armour!”

Over the course of several weeks, home truths are gradually shared along with tea and vodka, and soon Fran, Janet, Penny and Annie find themselves needing to draw on heroic reserves of their own.

The cast

DirectorEileen Connolly
Assistant DirectorHelen Reading
FranGlenys Lloyd Williams
PennyAbi Leverton
AnnieHelen Clinton-Pacey
JanetCarole Crow

Production photos

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