The theatrical world is in turmoil at the moment because of the ban on live theatre indoors and the requirement for social distancing, which makes many theatres unviable.  We at the Apollo are doing our best to provide you with some theatrical entertainment, which of course at present means recorded or streamed productions.  As we have productions to share with you, we’ll list them here.  The home page will look a bit different for a while, but bear with us – we’ll be back as soon as we can!

The small picture shows the ‘ghost light’ at the Apollo.

A ‘ghost light’ is an electric light that is left lit on the stage of a theatre when the theatre is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark.   It typically consists of an exposed incandescent bulb, CFL lamp, or LED lamp mounted in a wire cage on a portable light stand and is usually placed near centre stage.

The superstitious have various justifications for the ‘ghost light’. A popular theatrical superstition holds that every theatre has a ghost, and some theatres have traditions to appease ghosts that reach far back into their history. For example, the Palace Theatre, London keeps two seats in their balcony permanently bolted open to provide seating for the theatre ghosts. Similar superstitions hold that ghost lights provide opportunities for ghosts to perform on stage, thus appeasing them and preventing them from cursing the theatre or sabotaging the set or production. Some superstitions claim that the ghost light is in place to scare away ghosts, not to appease them.  As far as we’re concerned at the Apollo, we have no known ghosts but we do believe in keeping our options open – just in case …

One of our members has written a song about the ‘ghost light’ – it’s rather lovely and we think you’ll like it.  Click here to hear it.

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