Francis Durbridge’s ‘Suddenly at Home’ is an intricate classic thriller with unexpected twists and surprises, in which an avaricious scheming husband kills his wealthy wife in pursuit of his idyllic dream.  The intrigue and suspense come from his clever attempts to evade justice as he manipulates situations and other characters to achieve his objective.  Dramatic telephone calls and unexpected visitors punctuate the action and heighten tension.

Francis Durbridge, master storyteller, conquered television from 1950-1980 with baffling and complex thrillers that gripped audiences and kept them on tenterhooks.  Record viewing figures were recorded for his best-known series featuring Paul Temple, one of the most successful characters ever created for broadcasting.   His radio plays, with their famed ‘cliff-hanger’ endings, were always eagerly awaited.   He is credited with over 35 novels, 22 TV series, 30 radio play serials and 9 stage plays – the most famous of which is ‘Suddenly at Home’.

Set in a quiet, luxurious 1970s apartment, the play exudes glamour, sophistication and all the thrilling elements that we have come to expect from the exciting creations of Mr Durbridge.


We are very pleased to announce that Graham Pountney, a professional actor, is stepping in to take a lead role in this production after a cast member had to drop out.  His kindness in doing this for a local amateur group, and the fact that the Apollo will for the first time be featuring an actor known on the Island (and elsewhere) for his professional work, is greatly appreciated by all of us at the Apollo Players.



DirectorEvelyn Hicks
Assistant DirectorMike Whitehead
Maggie HowardChris Turvey
Helen TenbyHolly Squires
Ruth BechlerCarol Simpson
Sheila WallisHelen Reading
Sam BlaineNick Turvey
Glenn HowardGraham Pountney
Inspector AppletonGarry Smith
RemickMark Duffus

Production photos