For more than fifty years Cass McGuire has worked a block from Skid Row, among deadbeats and washouts – people who live in the past.  This bawdy, vital, compassionate play deals with her return to Ireland and her genteel family’s rejection of her.  It follows her lonely struggle to rediscover the home she’s dreamt of all her life and her eventual surrender to the make-believe of Eden House, rest home for elderly people.

It is a Wagnerian music drama which records the desperate, evasive actions of three people (Trilbe, Ingram, and Cass) as they rearrange and falsify their disappointing pasts.  Each of the three lonely individuals, seated in an elevated, winged armchair, chants an extended rhapsody about his or her past life, a rhapsody that celebrates the travel, the wine and music, and the joy and love shared with an attentive companion.  The author, Brian Friel, like Wagner before him, is experimenting in this play with the reciprocal relationship between dramatic action and tonal harmonies.

The Cast

Director Maureen Sullivan
Cass Fiona Gwinnett
Trilbe Carole Crow
Alice Glenys Lloyd Williams
Mother Cynara Crump
Tessa Ellen Lamplough
Mrs Butcher Ginnie Orrey
Harry Stuart Egan
Ingram David Stradling
Pat Graham Brown
Dom Andrew Butcher

Production photos (click on a photo and use the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ arrows)