This play is based on an 1890s story by Oscar Wilde.

Lord Arthur Savile is a very law-abiding chap; charming, not overburdened with brains, and now he is on the brink of holy matrimony to the beautiful and sweet-natured Sybil Merton, he has even more reason to remain on the right side of the law.  Yet following a visit from Sybil’s interfering mother and Mr Podgers, palm-reader to the gentry, Lord Arthur suddenly sets his mind to commit murder!

Why?  Who will be his victim?  Will it be one of his adoring elderly relatives?  What is his motive?  And how will he commit this appalling crime?  His trusty butler, Baines, seems to be in on the act, but what of the mysterious German anarchist Herr Winkelkopf?

Add in a suspicious box of chocolates, the odd exploding umbrella and a clock that certainly has an effect on Arthur’s uncle, the Dean of Paddington, and you have a recipe for a sparkling and hilarious farce with a few unexpected twists along the way.

The Cast

Lord Arthur Savile Chris Hicks
Baines Martin Ward
Sybil Merton Rose Kelsey
The Dean of Paddington Mark Duffus
Lady Windermere Kathryn Ward
Lady Clementina Beauchamp Carole Crow
Lady Julia Merton Ginnie Orrey
Mr Podgers John Sole
Nellie Helen Reading
Herr Winkelkopf Simon Cardew

Production photos