Love is blind  … and in this case melodramatic, depressing, paranoid, clumsy, deranged and disturbed.   Liselotte has been caring for an elderly lady for a great many years, and now that her ward is deceased, she is looking for a love to care for her.  But this, she finds, is not as simple as she thinks.  Through a succession of encounters both funny, poignant and downright bizarre, Liselotte skips, wanders and stumbles through the world of dating, coming across a widower, a plumber, a poet and a tramp among others.  Her enthusiasm to find true love is matched only by the misfortune of her suitors.  Liselotte discovers that finding love is one thing; holding onto it is something else entirely.

The playwright has won the Hungarian Drama award three times and the European Drama award.  Widely produced in Europe and now available in English translation.