This is a nostalgic story of unfulfilled dreams and unrequited love.  Two ageing spinsters, Janet and Ursula, discover a young shipwrecked violinist washed up on a 1930’s Cornwall beach.  They nurse him back to health, forming a deep attachment which unleashes previously restrained emotions of love and rivalry.  The relationship is described by Olga Danilov, his rescuer, as “more their prisoner than their guest.”
The play is based on the 2004 film written and directed by Charles Dance, starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, from the original story by William J. Locke.


DirectorGwen Stevens
UrsulaGlenys Lloyd Williams
Janet Carole Crow
Dorcas Cheryl May
Dr. Mead Paul Stevens
Olga Abbi Leverton
Andrea Alex Howe

Production photos