First staged in 2004, ‘Going Straight’ provides laughs aplenty, with some unexpected mystery along the way.

Mickey was a villain, back in the day.  He not only admits that – he’s proud of it. Leader of his own gang – sorry, firm – in the East End of London.  Ray was his head honcho: his second in command – always ready to ‘give someone a slap’ if they deserved it.

But times have changed: now in his sixties, Mickey is ‘going straight’, living it up in a luxurious Spanish villa with his glamorous second wife, Francine, and he hasn’t seen his old sidekick for two years.

So why has he invited Ray to stay with him now?  Ray’s wife Brenda is apprehensive: does Mickey just want to renew old friendships?  Or has he another agenda?  And when Polly, a Channel 4 journalist, turns up to interview the men about a new programme she says she’s making, Ray and Mickey meet her with their own suspicions.

Does she too have a secret agenda?  Why does Mickey still keep a gun in the house?  What is the significance of a renewed investigation in to the murder of an old ‘associate’?

In fact, how many of the party are keeping secrets?  And who from?

‘Going Straight’ starts as a comedy, but as events start to spiral out of control it develops into a thriller, with plot twists and turns which surprise everyone – including the audience!

This production has very kindly been sponsored by Tajayi Media, makers of promotional videos (and incidentally makers of the recording of our production of ‘The Selkie  Wife’ in October 2016).


DirectorAmy Burns
Assistant DirectorDi Evans
RayIan Moth
MickeyReuben Loake
BrendaFiona Gwinnett
PollySusan Simpson
FrancineSue Edwards

Production photos