Forget-Me-Knot, by David Tristram, tells the tale of a man who may or may not be Robert Zeinfeld, found wandering and suffering from amnesia.  Detective Inspector Monroe is the man charged with working out who this mystery man is, with the help – or rather hindrance – of Mrs Zeinfeld and his own wife Samantha.

Robert is a confused man, not of his own doing – a bump on the head resulting in amnesia and a night in the cells have attributed to that.  Inspector Monroe is also a confused man, but he has nobody to blame but himself.

Robert has been found wandering the streets in his confused state. His Filofax knows who he is – but does anybody else? Monroe is on the case – or seems to think he is.  More confusion rains down when Robert’s wife is summoned and doesn’t know what’s going on either; but what she does know is that Robert shouldn’t be anywhere near where he was found and probably with a mistress, whom he definitely shouldn’t be anywhere near.  When the mistress turns up, utter confusion is unleashed upon the stage.  Is Robert who everybody else says he is?  Does he really have amnesia?  If he doesn’t then what is he doing with a wife like that in the first place?  Is anybody actually who they maintain they are?

Forget-Me-Knot has been described as ‘one of the funniest British farces … with superb laugh-out-loud comedy’.  We think you’ll agree!


The Cast

DirectorSteve Reading
Det Insp MonroeSimon Lynch
Robert ZeinfeldDrew Adcock
Julia ZeinfeldHelen Reading
Samantha MonroeAmy Burns
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Production photos

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