A man obsessed with pinning the blame for his wife’s accident on someone enters the Driscoll home and shatters their marriage.  First staged in 1987, N. J. Crisp’s play sets its scene on a sunny afternoon in the home counties, where Sally Driscoll is watering plants in the conservatory of her luxurious home.  It’s a peaceful scene until John Barrett suddenly appears.  Dangerously obsessed, Barrett slowly strips away the conflicting secrets of Sally’s apparently perfect life with her husband, Mark.  What exactly happened in Torquay?  And will Sally and Mark ever feel safe in their home again?  Answers will be revealed in this edge-of-your-seat production, written by a master of the thriller genre.

‘Has so many surprises that each new revelation…turned up like unexpected hidden cards in a poker game.’ (London Evening Standard)
‘Achieves the near impossible by tightening its grip in a steady way, then exerting greater pressure after the breaking point seemed inevitable.’ (Daily Mail)
‘So powerfully applies the tricks of suspense that the audience dared not to cough for fear of missing the next turn of the screw.’ (The Times)