A musical concert show about the music and life of George Gershwin, one of history’s most famous composers.

The show is set in a mansion house somewhere in England as we enter the 1950s.  The owners of the house have a great love of music, so every few years they hold a musical evening to celebrate the genius of a modern composer.  Along with like-minded family members and close friends they put together a musical entertainment where they sing, dance and narrate the life and work of the chosen composer to special invited guests (the audience).

On this occasion it’s Gershwin.

But it’s not just about singing – it’s also about how to interpret the lyrics of Ira Gershwin, George’s older brother, and how Gershwin’s music has been a big influence on musicians who have adapted a lot of his work into various styles including solo piano, small and big bands and orchestras, and especially a wide variety of jazz musicians and singers who have all shown the versatility of his music.

We have included a variety of recorded music styles for our dancers to get their teeth into, and even taken a glance into the future from the 1950s to the styles of dance we now see.

This is more than just a concert – it’s a mixture of various elements with which we hope to entertain you.

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