RedTIE Theatre present two new shows at the Apollo Theatre.

‘Beautiful Thing’ by Jonathan Harvey: 10 & 11 November 2016, 7.30pm

Jamie, a teen who is infatuated with his classmate, Ste, has to deal with his single mother Sandra, who is preoccupied with ambitious plans to run her own pub and with an ever-changing string of lovers, the latest of whom is Tony, a neo-hippie. Sandra finds herself at odds with Leah, a sassy and rude neighbour who has been expelled from school, does several drugs, and constantly listens and sings along to her mother’s Cass Elliot records. An iconic play which was made into a film.

Tickets £8/£5

dog-sees-god2‘Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead’ by Bert V. Royal: 5 & 6 November 2016, 7.30pm

When CB’s dog dies from rabies, CB begins to question the existence of an afterlife.

Built on the foundation of the Peanuts cartoons, with the child characters having reached an age where life presents those typical teenage problems, friendships are tested in this dark comedy.

Cast from the RedTIE youth theatre and directed by Jack Tutt.

All tickets £5.

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