The stage play derived from the long-running and very popular television series of the same name.  Set in Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War,‍ ’​Allo ‍ ’​Allo! tells the fictitious story of René Artois, a café owner in the town of Nouvion, who, while trying to remain impartial, has been dragged into the war by both sides and at the same time is trying to keep his passionate love affairs with the café waitresses secret from his wife.  Military from the Axis powers have occupied the town and the café is being used as a safe house for two brave but clueless British airmen.  With classic farce set-ups, physical comedy and visual gags, amusingly ridiculous fake accents, a large amount of sexual innuendo and a fast-paced running string of broad cultural clichés, this is a clever and hilarious show to conclude our 44th season.

We are very grateful to Roger Dixcey Builders, who are sponsoring this production.  A well-established business with more than 30 years’ experience, based in Newport, they have built up an excellent reputation for providing their customers with an honest and reliable service.


DirectorSteve Reading
Assistant Director The Cast
ReneDrew Adcock
EdithGlenys Williams
CrabtreeJohn Abraham
BertorelliJack P Tutt
MichelleMaria Wilkinson
YvetteJoanna Jenner
LeclercDanny Carmichael
HelgaHelen Reading
Lt. GruberDave Newton
ColonelIan Moth
Herr FlickPete Harris
General SchmellingReuben Loake
MimiEsther Poucher
AirmanMatt Coles

Show photos