Set by the docks of Red Hook, a working-class part of Brooklyn, New York, the play is narrated by a lawyer, Alfieri, and revolves around the Carbone family – Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their niece Catherine.  The family are awaiting the arrival from Sicily of Beatrice’s cousins Marco and Rodolpho, who arrive late one night, and the Carbone family welcome them.  Catherine and Rodolpho are attracted to each other, which annoys Eddie who finds more and more things to dislike about Rodolpho as the young couple grow closer.  When they decide to get married, Eddie takes matters into his own hands.

A View from the Bridge was first performed in its present format in 1956, at a time when the United States was entering a period of great prosperity after the hardships of WW2.  Many immigrants were arriving, having decided to leave the problems of war-torn Europe behind them.  It was seen as a time when hard work and ambition could lead anybody with a strong enough desire to achieve the American Dream.  It has many parallels with todays’ movement of migrants both into America and the UK.