In Conor McPherson’s haunting drama, set in a remote pub in rural Ireland, the locals avoid the solitude of their homes by clinging to each other’s stories, as the dialogue reveals the horror of loneliness to be on a par with fear of the undead.   The local men awkwardly adjust to new arrival Valerie and small talk shifts to tales of local legends, fairies and men who stalk graves at night.   The overbearing Finbar is resented for moving to Dublin to make his fortune; he worries the group are scaring their guest, but she encourages the supernatural chatter.   Under the macho bluster each character reveals a deep-set loneliness; the stories grow darker with drink, and Valerie becomes the last to open up.

The cast

Director Marylyn Ford
Jim, ‘the Jimmyfella’ Michael Arnell
Jack, ‘a cantankerous auld fecker’ Colin Ford
Brendan, the young bar owner Robbie Gwinnett
Finbar, a man of substance David Vince
Valerie, newly arrived from Dublin Ginnie Orrey