Walter Bryce lives in a Georgian country house with a lovely garden and a trout stream. Vincent is from Exodus, a euthanasia group that assists people in suicide. When he is invited to Walter’s house to assist in the disposal of Walter’s wife, Celia, he senses something is wrong. Why are the suicide notes unsigned? What is the role of Walter’s attractive secretary? Why has the Samaritan been sent for?  Will any of them die, willingly or unwillingly, from natural causes?

The author of ‘Natural Causes’, Eric Chappell, is one of the top writers of comedy in Britain today. His first stage play ‘The Banana Box’ inspired the classic TV comedy ‘Rising Damp’ (winner of the BAFTA award for best situation comedy).  Other television successes include ‘Home To Roost’, ‘Only When I Laugh’ and ‘Duty Free’ (based on his stage play ‘We’re Strangers Here’).


Director Martin Ward
Assistant Director Maureen Sullivan
Vincent Steve Taverner
Walter Steve Reading
Celia Kathryn Ward
Angie Helen Reading
Withers David Carr